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If you suffer from urinary urgency, incontinence, or other embarrassing urinary symptoms, a urodynamics study can help identify the cause of your symptoms so you can receive the best possible treatment. The compassionate, knowledgeable urologists at Kasraeian Urology offer comprehensive urodynamics testing using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Kasraeian Urology has two clinics in Jacksonville, Florida, and one in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. To learn more, call the clinic nearest you today.


What’s a urodynamics study?

Urodynamics refers to the functions of your lower urinary tract that contribute to the process of holding and eliminating urine. A urodynamics study is a comprehensive evaluation of these functions.

Although many urologists don’t perform comprehensive urodynamics testing, the experts at Kasraeian Urology understand that an accurate understanding of urodynamics creates a roadmap to the most effective treatment plans for a range of bladder and urinary tract conditions.

What’s involved in urodynamics testing?

A comprehensive urodynamics study at Kasraeian Urology typically includes:

  • Cystometry, which measures the volume your bladder can hold
  • Electromyography, which measures the strength of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Urethral pressure profile, which measures the strength of your urethra
  • Uroflowmetry, which measures the speed and volume of your urine stream
  • Postvoid residual measurement, which measures the amount of urine left in your bladder after urination
  • Leak-point pressure measurement, which measures the amount of pressure that causes urine leakage

Your study could also include video urodynamic screenings, which are videos or photographic images of your bladder as it fills and empties.

Should I have a urodynamics study?

Your skilled urologist will recommend a urodynamics study if you have the following symptoms:

  • Urine leakage
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Urinary urgency
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Incomplete urination

Your urologist could also recommend testing if you have recurrent urinary tract infections.

What should I expect during urodynamics testing?

On the day of your urodynamics study, you’ll be asked to arrive at Kasraeian Urology with a full bladder. You’ll empty your bladder in a private room into a special scale that measures urine volume.

Next, you’ll recline, and your provider will insert a small catheter into your urethra. Through this catheter, a sterile saline solution will be injected into your bladder to measure how much it holds and how well it empties this fluid.

Your study could also involve a diagnostic ultrasound and additional diagnostic technologies. You might have some mild discomfort after your tests, but this should subside within 24 hours.

When will I get my results?

It can take up to a week for all of your results to become available. Once your urologist has reviewed all of your results, you’ll return for a follow-up appointment to discuss your diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

To learn more, call the nearest Kasraeian Urology clinic today.