What is Overactive Bladder?

Could that sudden need to run to the bathroom be the result of an overactive bladder?

Are you worried that a day at the mall, out with friends or even watching a movie in the theatre could lead to sudden panic the moment you realize you have to go to the bathroom? While this might not be a concern for most, if you are dealing with overactive bladder then you know that the urge can suddenly turn urgent in a matter of moments. From the office of our Jacksonville, FL, urologists, Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian or Dr. Ali Kasraeian, find out more about overactive bladder and your treatment options.

What is overactive bladder?

We all know that people experience moments during their lifetime when they need to go to the bathroom right away; however, if you are someone with overactive bladder then the urgency is immediate, intense and frequent.

Those with true overactive bladder experience this sensation several times throughout the day, and sometimes may experience bladder leakage as a result. You may also wake up throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

Since there are other conditions such as urinary tract infections or an enlarged prostate that can also cause these same symptoms, it’s important that you turn to our Jacksonville urology specialists right away if this is happening to you.

What causes overactive bladder?

Sometimes overactive bladder just happens; however, there are some people who experience this urinary problem as a result of other health problems such as:

Those with weak pelvic floor muscles, those who consume caffeinated beverages, those who take diuretics (often to treat high blood pressure) and those who are overweight are at a higher risk for overactive bladder.

How is it treated?

The condition can sometimes be managed with lifestyle modifications. These simple changes are usually recommended before turning to medications or surgery.

Kasraeian Urology in Jacksonville, FL, is here to provide comprehensive and thorough medical care for men and women dealing with urinary tract problems. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today to find out what’s going on.

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