Getting a Second Opinion is More than a Formality

Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer is frightening and there is often an urge to start treatment immediately rather than get a second opinion. However, a second opinion can be a valuable tool in obtaining the best possible treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should get a second opinion because:

There is no rush. In most cases, prostate cancer is a slow-growing disease. In some cases, it develops over 10 to 20 years without moving beyond the prostate. Unless you are told that you have an aggressive form of prostate cancer you should take the time to get a second opinion.
There are many treatment options. Prostate cancer is a complex disease and there are many opinions about the best treatment options. Through the process of getting a second opinion, you may learn of additional treatment options or receive confirmation that the plan made by the first doctor is the best one for you.
You only receive the care you need. Overtreatment of prostate cancer is a well-documented problem. Some men have undergone unnecessary treatments and procedures that pose their own risks and have their own side effects. With a second opinion, you can discuss whether active surveillance is a better option than treatment at this stage of your cancer.
You are confident that you are on the right treatment path. Once treatment has begun, changing to a different process is not always possible, especially if you have elected to have surgery or radiation. With a second opinion, you have the confidence that the treatment plan you have selected is definitely the right one for you.
You gain peace of mind. A cancer diagnosis is scary and having another expert review your case and evaluate your cancer provides peace of mind that you have done all that you can to find the best solution. Even if the second opinion matches the first, your mind is at ease and you can focus on treatment and recovery.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer, take a deep breath and find a skilled urologist who can provide a second opinion. Here at Kasraeian Urology, our doctors are experts on prostate health and cancers and provide comprehensive second opinion evaluations to men who have received a cancer diagnosis. In addition, the physicians have the skills and training to provide all levels of prostate cancer treatment, including robotic surgery using state-of-the-art technology. Call us today to schedule a second opinion and select the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

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