Fusion Guided Biopsy

As you might imagine, prostate cancer isn’t always easy to diagnose. Furthermore, determining the best treatment options for particularly advanced forms of prostate cancer can be a challenge for both the patient and his doctors. Here at Kasraeian Urology, we don’t believe that anyone should undergo time-consuming and expensive diagnostic testing and procedures that they don’t need. This is why we are proud to offer fusion guided biopsy to help make detecting prostate cancer a little easier.

Other diagnostic tools for detecting prostate cancer over the years haven’t been that effective (e.g. the traditional rectal examination). It’s easy to overlook prostate cancer, particularly in its earlier stages, since the tumor usually isn’t big enough to be detected through a rectal Fusion Guided Biopsy in Jacksonville, FLexamination until it’s more advanced. Blood tests can also pick up prostate cancer but it still isn’t the most reliable and valid diagnostic method.

If a blood test has detected elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels in your bloodstream, then the next step will be to perform a fusion guided biopsy to confirm whether the elevated PSA levels are the result of prostate cancer or another condition.

Since MRI and ultrasonic technology are the two most common types of imaging used to detect prostate cancer, fusion guided biopsy testing blends the best of both worlds (both MRI and ultrasonic technology) to provide more reliable imaging to achieve a more accurate tumor biopsy.

The first thing a patient will do is undergo an MRI scan. An MRI is a great way to detect cancer and other issues within the soft tissue. During the biopsy procedure, we will place a probe into the rectum. This ultrasound probe will be able to collect real-time images of the prostate during the procedure. The computer software we use will then overlay the MRI images we collected from before with these ultrasound images to produce clearer 3D images of the prostate.

From there, we can better direct the biopsy needles where they need to be to take an accurate sample of the tumor. Since MRIs are great for detecting lesions and other growths but ultrasounds are not, by fusing these two technologies together we can get a clearer picture of the growth that we need to biopsy to make sure the needles are directed exactly where they need to go for a more reliable sampling and a better diagnosis.

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