What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that makes it difficult for men to achieve and/or maintain an erection. Although the risk for ED (also own as impotence) tends to increase with age and tends to be more common over the age of 50, it can affect men at any age. There are a number of underlying potential causes for ED, ranging from physical and emotional to certain lifestyle factors. The doctors at Kasraeian Urology in Jacksonville, FL, offer a number of treatment options for men struggling with ED.

ED Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

If you are having issues with sexual activity or experiencing symptoms of ED, you are not alone. According to statistics, anywhere between 15 to 30 million men in the United States experience some degree of difficulty with erectile function. Most men experience occasional problems from time to time, but if the inability to achieve or maintain an erection persists for a period of time that seems longer than normal for you, a urologist can help to determine whether you are experiencing ED and recommend the best course of treatment.

What Causes ED?

There are a number of possibilities and issues that can interfere with the erection process. Some of the most common known risk factors for erectile dysfunction include:

  • Age (most common over the age of 50)
  • General health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, which can interfere with normal blood flow
  • Excessive alcohol or drug use
  • Abnormally low testosterone levels
  • Peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage
  • A side effect of certain medications, or chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer
  • Psychological and emotional issues like stress, anxiety, and depression

ED symptoms can range from mild to severe. Treatment may include medication, devices like an external vacuum, and/or lifestyle modifications, depending on the cause.

Find a Urologist in Jacksonville, FL

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