Ali Kasraeian MDAs prostate cancer screening becomes ever more controversial, it is important to balance data with a common sense approach to personalized screening and personalized management of prostate cancer.

Dr. Ali Kasraeian, named among “America’s Top Surgeons” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America, has a passionate interest in a personalized approach to prostate cancer care.

Fellowship trained in advanced laparoscopic, robotic and minimally invasive urologic surgery at the world renowned Montsouris Institute in Paris, France, Dr. Kasraeian has expertise in open, laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery. In addition, he is an experienced HIFU surgeon. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive ablative therapy for localized prostate cancer that requires no surgery and no radiation.

As a urologist specializing in the management of prostate cancer, Dr. Kasraeian believes that every man approached with the option of screening has a unique view on its risks and benefits as every man diagnosed with prostate cancer has a different set of priorities and a different set of goals for managing his disease.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer or have questions about prostate cancer screening, call Kasraeian Urology at 904.727.7955.

Ali Kasraeian, MD, FACS
Advanced Laparoscopic, Robotic & Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery

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