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Know Your Options- Get a Second Opinion

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"Our greatest joy is in restoring our patient's quality of life."- Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian

When dealing with difficult urologic issues (such as prostate and bladder cancer or kidney tumors) as well as other serious issues, such as incontinence or infertility, it is important to find Jacksonville Urologistphysicians who put their patient first, understand the importance of every case and know how to communicate with every individual.  At Kasraeian Urology, you can rest assured that you will receive this type of care and have available to you the most advanced surgical technology, operated with the highest level of expertise.

Residents of Northeast Florida have access to one of the few fellowship-trained advanced laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgeons in the region, Dr. Ali Kasraeian, and one of the most experienced and top-ranked physicians in his father, Dr. Ahmad Kasraeian.  People looking for a doctor they can trust who will treat their urological problems with the highest level of knowledge, cutting-edge surgical technology and compassion need look no further than Kasraeian Urology right here in Jacksonville, Florida.  We have four convenient locations in Jacksonville near Memorial Hospital, in Jacksonville Beach across from Baptist Beaches, on Beach Blvd near San Pablo, and in Oceanway off of main street.  Our patients are our priority and we hope that we have the opportunity to share with you how much we care.

What our patients are saying

  • "Hello, If your like me and have been experiencing problems for a while.... weeks, months or years. If this is your first needing to see a Urologist, I highly recommend Dr. Kasraeian. Out of all the Urologist I've been seeing for the last three years or so, Dr. Kasraeian is by far the best I've seen. He actually listens, and get this......He actually wants to know why and wants to get to the bottom of your problem. Maybe even more so than you do. On top of all of that he has a kind hearted bed-side manner. He's office staff are very personable and welcoming. Unfortunately your first visit might be a little bit of a wait.....but believe me it's worth the wait. For some reason I've been seeing a lot of Dr's for the last few years for different reasons. I was shocked when I left there hopeful and wishing he was my Dr. for everything!!!! Best Wishes." - Ash, Read more @ YellowPages
  • "Dr Kas has been my urologist for many years. I had several before him but he is the best. After many years of trying different approaches, his use of laser surgery on my prostate was nothing less than outstanding. It's like I'm still 20. I highly recommend him, and the procedure. That was 4 years ago and it's still good." Read more @ RateMDs
  • "I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and wanted to know about what options exist. I was unhappy with my first urologist as I felt he was a little too pushy about a particular treatment option. I had heard good things about Dr. Kasraeian so I decided to schedule an appt. The bottom line is that I left the office feeling equipped with the best advice regarding my treatment options. I did some research and decided to have Dr. Ali take care of my surgery. The recovery has not been easy but I feel confident that I made the right decision. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kasraeian to at least get a second opinion before proceeding with your treatment." - Read more @
    Great Doctor for 2nd Opinion, Worth the wait
  • "I went to see Dr. Ali after seeing the Chef on the news talk about his experience with Dr. Ali Kasraeian. I highly recommend Dr. Ali Kasraeian as a physician who can not only treat prostate cancer using the Da Vinci robot but he is also a great resource when trying to decide what treatment option is best for you." - James C. Read more @
    Great Physician – 2nd Opinion Biopsy
  • "Dr. Ali did an excellent job spending the necessary time with me to understand my problems to better determine the necessary next steps for my treatment. He is an excellent physician and it is impossible to leave there without feeling how much he cares about your problems." - Dec 27th, 2011 Read more @
    Excellent Doctor
  • "I went to Dr. Kasraeian for a second opinion for my prostate cancer and can say that I was pleasantly surprised with how much time and attention I received from Dr. Kasraeian. My previous experience at the urologist who diagnosed my cancer was not great and I honestly expected the same from Dr. Kasraeian. After my experience, I just felt that I had to let other people in my shoes know that there IS a physician out there who genuinely cares about his patients. What a breath of fresh air he was for me and I expect the same is the feeling for many other people out there. he went over every treatment option available and even said that if he were in my shoes he may just use active surveillance and watch the cancer over the next 3-4 years. After considering my options and becoming educated regarding each option, I ended up going with what I felt was right for me and my lifestyle. It felt great to have a partner in the decision making who really just wanted what was best for me. Hope this helps." - JP, Read more @
    Really CARES about ME